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Non-fiction Reading Guide: This guide is to help you understand and read non-fiction books effectively.


Library Guide: This guide is to help you understand "References" and "Project Learning".


Healthy Living Guide:This guide provides information about physical, mental, and environmental health.

Library Poster Design Competition
(For P3 to P6)

- Application deadline: Jan

Miss Storytellers
(For P4-P6)

1 P4 - P6 students will learn the story telling  techniques: change in volume, use of facial expression and gesture, use of different voices, pause......practice telling the story to your parents first at home to build up your confidence.

2  Miss Storytellers will tell the story to P.1 students according to their time table. The activity takes place in the library. It is a pair work.

Reading Marathon
(For P3-P6)

Read non-fictions and get the  five awards (Click here for details)

1 (RM) Book report
2 (RM) Record Sheet
3 Guideline

Finding out in the Dictionary(English)
For P4)

- Time:12:40
- Date: May

For P4)

-時間: 12:40
報名日期: 五月:


-時間: 12:40
報名日期: 五月:

World Book Day
(For All Students)

The UNESCO has designated 23rd April as the World Book Day to promote reading and writing and to celebrate the great contribution of the writers: Shakespeare, Maurice Druon, K.Laxness. So let us read 20 min on 23 April.

Future Writers
(For P3-P6)

We welcome your contribution to our library, they can be poems, short stories, jokes, tongue twister, cartoon stories etc.

Good Book Recommendation
(For All Students)

Download and print it.

Book exhibition
(For P3-P6)

New Books exhibition

Research Project
(For P6)

P6 Students hand in their projects on  27 May 2021 (Refer to Library Guide).





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