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Last updated on March 22, 2021

St Paul's Convent School (Primary Section)

new中文閱讀報告:在復活節假期期間, 小一至小三學生需完成一個中文閱讀報告,假期後交回學校。

We have now come to the 3rd week of Lenten Season. During the past two weeks, have you done something special such as being good or pray more in return for God's love who sent His beloved son to this world to save us from sins?

Below is a link for The Way Of The Cross. Please invite at least one member of your family to join you when you watch it in prayers. We hope you can do it at least once a week.



The Positive Side of COVID-19

To fight Covid-19, our Library Team has designed something interesting for you: 'My Little Heroes Programme'. Through this programme, we want to share with you some inspiring stories

which carry messsages on moral values and life lessons. Just visit our Library Webpage. We hope you enjoy the stories and learn something good from them.

Go Share | 與眾同抗疫「網上送祝福 https://goshare.hk/event/tc/?urlr=tc

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If you are interested in the above competition, please feel free to participate.