The Positive Side of COVID-19 heart


Is COVID-19 viewed as a glass, half-full or half-empty?

LIFE comes from God. All creatures have life, but the highest form of life are humans.

Life on Earth moves with time. Everything we experience is tracked in time. Thatˇ¦s how we understand the past (history) and present (now). For the future, it is unknown and we cannot control it.

One significant event that we are experiencing is the COVID-19 pandemic which started in December 2019. COVID-19 has affected the whole world in the fields of politics, economics, health, science, education etc.

COVID-19 has afflicted human life. Teams of experts have been trying to reduce its effects on human life. The experts have created rules about the movement of peoples around the world.

It is also important to focus on the person, family and community as these are the seedbed of support that will help us fight against the pandemic.

So what does this mean to us here in St. Paulˇ¦s Convent School, Primary Section.



What did I do while face-to-face lessons were suspended?

  1. I had Zoom and video classes.
  2. I slept longer. I did not have to get up early to go to school.
  3. I learned how to cook simple dishes and bake.
  4. I played with my siblings.
  5. I prayed together with my family.
  6. My family watched movies and news together.
  7. I practised my musical instrument
  8. I spent time outdoors, hiking, and reading.
  9. I helped with the housework.
  10. I connected with friends / family members over Zoom.



What have I learned?

  1. That ˇĄtime is goldˇ¦; so we must not waste time. Keep time. Treasure time.
  2. Make a personal schedule and follow it so I will not be sluggish in achieving my goals for the day.
  3. How to tidy up my room.
  4. That COVID-19 is no joke. Follow rules: wash hands, wear masks, social distance. Stay home, stay safe.



How has this pandemic made me a better person?

  1. COVID-19 has deepened my faith. I have become more prayerful.

- I have become aware of the people around me; my parents, siblings, grandparents, helpers and others.
- COVID-19 has given me hope that one day I will be able to wake up to a better tomorrow.

  1. COVID-19 has taught me how to value and appreciate life. It is precious.
  2. COVID-19 has taught me to be simple and to be aware of what is necessary only.
  3. COVID-19 has improved my character. It has made me a better person.


Making use of this time has allowed me to realise my goals.
Write your goals to achieve and continue to live with in 2021.
Our faith assures us that there is a small light even when it seems that there is darkness around us. There is Hope. We believe.