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A. What is a project learning?

A project learning is one of the key tasks in learning to learn. The studenst develop a learning topic under the guidance of teachers based on their own interests and abilities, and carry out series of meaningful exploration procedures. During the process of project learning, students can integrate their abilities with knowledge gained from relevant subjects and carry out open and meaningful learning in the course of systematic data collection, collation, analysis, synthesis, reflection etc., students are able to learn beyond textbook knowledge and develop their skills on analysis, problem-solving, interpersonal relations and cooperation, as well as their creativity and generic abilities.

procedures of project learning

C. Establishing Learning Direction

Write down the field(s) that you are interested in and the question(s) that you want to explore.
The following theme web is a method that you can use to brainstorm and develop your project.

5w2h method
principles checklist

D. Principles in selecting project learning topic

  1. The learning topic must be relevant to the learning theme.
  2. The learning topic is meaningful.
  3. The learning topic is specific, clear, and easy to understand.
  4. Information is easy to obtain
  5. The time and resources involved are reasonable.

learning methodology
requirements on the format of project learning report

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