St Paul's Convent School, Primary Section is a Catholic primary school for girls from 6 to 12, sponsored and administered by the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres, an international Congregation founded in France in the year 1696. The Sisters came to Hong Kong in 1848.

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Mission Statement

St Paul's Convent School, Primary Section, (started in 1864) aims at giving an all-round education to students based on Christian values and perparing them to have a positive attitude towards themselves and others so that they can face the challenges of their future life.


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School Motto

The School Motto is "Omnia Omnibus" ( 1 Cor. 9:22 ) which means being all things to all people irrespective of race, religion and social status.

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School Hymn

Hark! Daughters of the great St. Paul
Come, listen to his call
"O children of this loved school,
The loving nurse of all
Rejoice in God, do work and pray
Be true from day to day."
Beloved school of mine
My pains and joys are thine.
My childhood's early dreams
Are closely linked with thee. The hope that heaven brings
Thou dost unfold to me.
Thou dost unfold to me.
Sweet are the days of girlhood,
When friends we love and care,
Those golden links of childhood,
Whose sympathy we share.
Do stay and while the hours away
With us in work and play.
And when we leave
Our dear old school
These mem'ries we'll recall!
These mem'ries we'll recall!

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School Information

School Address:

140 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


(852) 2576 0601


(852) 2577 8433

Email Address:

No. of Classes:


School Hours:

08:30 - 15:00

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